About us

Friends of Humanity SA is a Geneva-based non-profit organization (bylaws - PDF) supporting initiatives and projects in four key areas:

  • Human rights and dignity
  • Education and training
  • Healthcare and medicine (including alternative medicine)
  • Environmental protection and conservation


FOH projects are currently underway in Asia, Africa and Latin America. We directly support and fund initiatives and play an intermediary role in supporting projects of other humanitarian organizations when they are consistent with the statutes and objectives of FOH. Moreover, communication and raising public awareness are an integral part of the FOH mission.


FOH was founded and registered as a non-profit organization on 16 May 2007 in Geneva, Switzerland. Upon creation, FOH took over several projects previously launched by Graziella Zanoletti, president of the organization. Over the years, FOH constantly expands the number and scope of its projects. To support the activities of Friends of Humanity, you can make a donation.

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