Help us building the Nakivale Marina Center - 2019 Project


After the unexpected social positive impact of the Mahama "Elite Center" in Rwanda, Friends of Humanity aims to replicate the same model in other refugee camps. The next endeavor is planned for 2019 in Uganda.


Uganda is one of the countries hosting the most refugees in the world (refugees mostly from South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Burundi) bringing the total number of refugees in Uganda to an estimated 1.1 million people.


To overcome these challenges and improve the living conditions of refugees, Friends of Humanity aims to replicate the same model in other refugee camps in the world, such as Nakivale refugee settlements in Uganda.


This Center would focus on offering not only vocational training (in painting, culinary arts, sewing, soap making), but also would have a library and an e-learning centre (to study online language courses, university studies and self-improvement courses on leadership, entrepreneurship or mindfulness). Moreover, psychosocial support, meditation and theatre workshops would take place, as well as weekly documentaries and film screening and music performances, among other activities.


Elite Center at Mahama refugee camp in Rwanda


Watch the testimony video on how the Mahama "Elite Center" in Rwanda has positively impacted the life of hundreds of burundian refugees living in the camp here:



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