Friends of Humanity could not carry on its activities without the generous support of its sponsors. We are particularly thankful to the following donors for supporting specific projects:


General Sponsors


A venture Capital Fund based in the UK
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Sponsors of Our e-Shop Project (shop&help)

Miura Conseil

A Magento expert company based in France

Development and Integration of the e-shop


A Magento expert company based in France
Design of the e-shop


Sponsors of Specific Projects

  • Mercedes Zurich Nord
  • ASD Location
  • Alliance Limousine
  • Société Grellor
  • Lloyds Bank
  • Boris Chetkov (download CV), Christiane Morel (manager at Ethys), André Pringo, Galerie Leda Fletcher, Antoine De Palma, Dr. Aleya Hammad, Jean-Louis Heritier, Christiane Morel, Cecilie Skog



On the evening of 24 April, at a imposing ceremony in the greater concert hall in Yerevan, the images move on the giant screen and tell the public her story, that of the woman rescued 10,000 children.

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