shop&help is an innovative solution launched by FOH to finance social and environmental projects.


shop&help is an ethical e-shop where you can purchase high quality goods and vouchers (hotels rooms, car rentals, jewels, original gifts), at very attractive prices (often 20% off the usual price) to support humanitarian causes.


On shop&help, you will be offered to choose the project you want to support with your purchase: most of the price you pay goes directly to a social project of your choice! Each purchase is transparent, so you know exactly how much goes to the project.


In fact, most of the products and vouchers we sell, have been donated by our generous partners which enables us to allocate most of your purchase to the project (we keep a small part to cover the e-shop expenses). Sometimes we pay a low commissions to the partner.


No need to donate anymore to support a humanitarian project, just shop... and help.


Visit our e-shop :


shop&help, where shopping meets donating.



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