Primary School in North Cameroun

Primary School for disadvantaged children from North Cameroun


In Cameroon, more than 37% of the population, that is 8 million people of a total population of 22 million, live below the poverty line (living with less than $ 1.90 a day).

Since 2013, Cameroon has faced an unprecedented humanitarian and security crisis, with nearly 350,000 refugees and asylum-seekers having fled conflict in the Central African Republic and Nigeria, as well as over 210,000 Cameroonians who have had to abandon their village, their land and their houses because of the abuses of the Boko Haram group.


In northern Cameroon, children are mostly affected by poverty, malnutrition and lack of schools within a radius of 200 km. To cope with this serious situation, in 2017 FOH supported the construction of a free primary school in northern Cameroon by setting up 3 classrooms that allowed 70 schoolchildren from 4 to 8 years old to be accommodated. In addition to the Cameroonian National Education Program, English and Arabic classes are taught to students from the preparatory class.

This school gives hope for a better future to these children and their families by opening them the doors to education.



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