Nepal - Solar Panels for the Tashi Chime Gatsal Nunnery

Project name: Solar Panels for the Tashi Chime Gatsal Nunnery in Bigu
Status: in progress
Start date: July 2008
End date: 2011
Budget: $ 39'000
Project initiator:
Friends of Humanity and Himalayan Experience
Sponsor: Himalayan Experience
Contact and information:
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Friends of Humanity has undertaken a project to provide solar electricity to the Tashi Chime Gatsal Convent located in Bigu, a remote village in the Dolkha District of Nepal. The convent was built in 1934 and has never had any lighting for the 60 nuns who live there.


The monastry is a home but also an educational center. The nuns are receiving training in various fields. The contribution of solar electricity helps to improve their living conditions and the quality of education.


Articulated in 3 stages, this project has a total budget of $39'000. After two months of work, the 2 first stages were completed in late 2008 for a total budget of $26'000. Within these two phases, almost the whole solar power system was installed. The electrical installation of the convent goes to the dormitory, the monastery, the kitchen, bathrooms, some toilets and to the guest room. Read the completion report


The third and final stage is planned for 2010 and requires a budget of $12'000. The goal is to install new solar panels to provide electricity to a small office complex and other toilets.

Friends of Humanity is still seeking to collect the money required to complete this project. We still need your support and call upon your generosity.



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