Nepal - Mountain Equipment sleeping bag

Project Name: Sleeping Bags to Old People's Homes
Status: completed
Start date: 2008
End date: 2008
Budget: £360 for the freight + the sleeping bags
Project initiator: Friends of Humanity
Sponsor: Mountain Equipment and Himalayan Experience
Contact and Information:

Nepal is a poor country and the winter there is very tough. Most of the resourceless people risk their life every winter. Thanks to Mountain Equipment and Himalayan Experience, Friends of Humanity was able to distribute 300 sleeping bags to Tibetan Old People's homes in Kathmandu. These sleeping bags provide heat during the cold winters to people with weak health.



On the evening of 24 April, at a imposing ceremony in the greater concert hall in Yerevan, the images move on the giant screen and tell the public her story, that of the woman rescued 10,000 children.

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