Nepal - Khumjung Cultural and Heritage Centre

Project name: Nepal - Khumjung Cultural and Heritage Centre
Status: in progress
Start date: 2011
End date: to be determined
Budget: $55,000.
Project initiator: Russel Brice, Himalayan Experience
Sponsor: Himalayan Experience, FOH 
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Friends of Humanity and Himalayan Experience have undertaken a project to build a cultural heritage centre in the village of Khumjung, situated in the Khumbu region of the Himalaya where many of the climbing Sherpas live and originate.

Due to the inevitable infiltration of the Western Culture in Nepal due to the ever-increasing tourist levels and climbers in the Himalaya, many of the now affluent Sherpa live abroad or in Kathmandu. For this reason, the local Sherpa people have become concerned that their history and culture is being progressively diluted and that their children no longer have a good opportunity to understand and learn about their own culture and heritage, despite having a good general education.

If measures are not taken to carefully preserve their customs quickly, it is feared that their ages old culture will eventually die out.


Therefore, active members of the local community led by Phurba Tashi- 17 times Everest summiteer and a local of the village, have discussed the possibility of building a Cultural and Heritage Centre in the Khumjung village - we have obtained a detailed budget for this project which comes to $55,000.


Previous Himalayan Experience client and Everest summiteer Marcel Bach from Gstaad has already pledged 50% of this amount.

Friends of Humanity is still seeking to collect the additional money required to complete this project.  We still need your support and call upon your generosity.



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