The founder of Maison Shalom, Marguerite Barankitse is the winner of the 2016 prize Aurora.

On the evening of 24 April, at a imposing ceremony in the greater concert hall in Yerevan, the images move on the giant screen and tell the public her story, that of the woman rescued 10,000 children. She had several awards worldwide including the price of the rights of the French government.

It is in Rwanda that the president of Maison Shalom, threatened with death in Burundi, was exiled. For a year, the country is plunged into violence. Several hundred people died, about 300,000 have fled the country. Maguy, as his friends call him, continues to provide assistance to refugees and orphans.

Friends Of Humanity support Marguerite Barankiste and Maison Shalom since 10 years !

At Friends Of Humanity, we are very happy of this award that recognizes the hard work of this lady with a big heart.

A big thank you to you, dear donors. It is thanks to you that we can realize many projects.

Continue to support the Shalom House and REMA hospital.

International Women's Day 2018



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