India - Alice Project Schools

Project name: Alice - Universal Education School
Status: in progress
Start date: 1994
Project initiator:
Valentino Giacomin and Luigina De Biasi
Sponsor: Friends of Humanity
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Alice is a research project for the education of children and teachers. It is based on the integration of our inner and outer worlds; the transcendence of borders we artificially create;  the awakening and nurturing of the understanding of self. Alice is based on the concept of Unity: unity of the Body, the Mind and the External world.


The aim is to explore the understanding of self while also studying academics in order to be able to play an ever growing positive and constructive role for a better environment and society.

We are and we teach without borders. Children are encouraged to know and understand their own traditions and through these traditions the universal truths are conveyed. They are invited to coherently integrate the values of their traditional culture into practical action in their daily life, sharing their wisdom with people of their villages. In this way, Alice wants to induce two changes: in the internal environment (individual psyche) and external environment (society, Mother Earth).


From 70 children in 1994, the first Sarnath Alice School now educates 800 students. Unfortunately it regularly has to turn students away for lack of space and limited funds. Alice School, besides offering almost cost-free education to underprivileged children of the villages, is engaged in the task of protecting and educating religious minorities such as Chakmas (persecuted Buddhist minority from Bangladesh) who are refugees in India.

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I would like to contribute to the Alice schools education program




  • Sponsor one pupil for one month* : € 50 /CHF 75.-


  • Sponsor one pupil for six months* : € 300 /CHF 450.-


  • Sponsor one pupil for one year* : € 600 /CHF 900.-


  • Funds to support school education project for one month for 6 persons (teachers, teaching materials and other): € 330 /CHF 500.-


  • Funds to support meals and medical care for one month for 36 persons: € 900 /CHF 1320.-


  • Funds for the publication of a 250 pages colour printed book in one language (500 copies): € 1400 /CHF 2000.-


  • Funds for the publication of a 250 pages colour printed book in two languages (500 copies): € 1800 /CHF 2600.-


* The cost includes food, school, medicines, administration fees, clothing, electricity, maintenance and possible travel expenses.



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