Integrated education according to Alice School

Two weekends of intensive study for a basic theory-practice training, led by Luigina De Biasi, founder of the Alice School .

The Alice School aims to create experiences and searches for an “Integrated Education”. Initiated in Italy in public schools during about ten years, the project was then implemented in India, first at Sarnath-Varanasi then at Barbatta- Bodhgaya and recently in the State of Arunachan Pradesh. The schools are attended by about 1000 students from kindergarten to university. The basic concept of the project concerns the 'unit' beyond the divisions created by nationality, traditions, religions for a pluralistic and multicultural society.

Beyond a social aspect, its goal is to involve each person in the relationship with oneself. In fact the search of a “psychological unity”, beyond the divisions created by possible conflicts in the mind that prevents the realization of an harmonious personality. This type of education (scientific and psychological knowledge) helps to develop an integrated personality.

This means helping children and adults to know their internal and external reality, without discrimination and to develop some quality of mind (memory, concentration, visualization) that many adults have lost due to lack of exercise in their childhood.

Alice School proposes a didactic-educational self-knowledge through the development of awareness, defined as the ability to be "present" and to live the "here-now," noting the mental path in order to enhance a process of distancing between the “ego” and its functions (thoughts, memories, images, emotions).

Alice School can be implemented in any cultural, religious and economic context.
Training Course 2011: January 29-30 and February 12-13

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