Vietnam - Center for Detoxification and the Treatment of Drug Dependency

Project name: Centre for Detoxification and the Treatment of Drug Dependency
Status: in progress
Start date: 1999
End date: to be determined
Budget: $ 250'000
Project initiator: Chemistry Institute of the University of Hanoï
Sponsor: Graziella Zanoletti
Donors: Mercedes Zurich Nord and Leda Fletcher
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After a very impressive meeting several years ago with Dr. Tran Khuong Dan, a Vietnamese specialist in the treatment of drug addiction, Graziella Zanoletti committed herself to assisting him in the financing of his research center and to helping him bring his new treatment products and therapy to a much larger target market.

Having witnessed the demise of both his father and brother, both of whom were heavy users of opium pipes, Dr. Tran Khuong Dan set out on a novel path to finding a cure for such addiction. He first started smoking opium himself and became dependent on this powerful substance and then sought the most effective way to end this dependency, using his own body as a research laboratory. After six months of intensive research, he developed a new traditional medicine remedy based upon extractions of thirteen plants and herbs.

He named the product "Heantos" or heat of the sun. Research on the production and utilization of this drug treatment product and its associated therapy continues today under the direction of Dr. Tran Van Sung, head of the Institute of Chemistry, which is part of the National Center for Natural Sciences and Technology of Vietnam. Great interest in the development and eventual use of this method for the treatment of drug addiction has been shown by the United Nations and the Drug Treatment Center of Johns Hopkins University.

The primary objective of the project is to bring about the commercialization of this product and therapy. A treatment center for its use has been opened just outside Hanoi, Vietnam. It enables those who have a drug dependency to recover both physical and psychological health and reconstruct their lives. Professionals help them find a way to reintegrate a normal life with a suitable employment.



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