Brazil - The Village School of Pakanhan

Project name: The Village School of Pakanhan
Status: completed
Start date: August 2007
End date:
August 2008
$ 13'000
Project initiator:
Fundaçao Nacional do Indio (FUNAI) and Dr. Aldo Lo Curto
Donor: Leda Fletcher Gallery
Contact and information:
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In August 2007, Friends of Humanity sponsored the construction of a school in the village of Pakanhan on the Xhingu river in Brazil. By August of 2008, the consturction of the school had been completed, and classes for the children in the community were able to begin on schedule. In addition to a school, this structure also serves as an apartment that houses the teachers who work in the community.  Friends of Humanity also financed the acquisition of a motor boat, which is used for the transport of teachers and students to the school.


With the educational project at Pakanhan completed, Friends of Humanity is now looking into resolving a local health issue in the community. The region is currently burdened by the presence of deadly bats that have cost the lives of too many infants and children. We have supplied the local community with some nets in attempt  to preclude further tragedies.


Dr. Aldo Lo Curto visits the region during his yearly visits and gives us an update on the situation and further needs of the community.



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